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Noosa Body Mechanics is the Sunshine Coast’s specialist in Bioelectric Meridian Massage Therapy for those seeking to improve their health, function and wellbeing – naturally. Located in Noosa, we provide a holistic approach to your health based on traditional Chinese medicine beliefs and the body’s natural bioelectricity.

Tracy Taulier is Australia’s leading Bioelectric Meridian Massage practitioner and trainer and helps clients of all ages with a range of conditions such as migraines, insomnia, physical injury or immobility, fertility and postpartum recovery, sexual dysfunction, digestive issues and much more.

Noosa Body Mechanics


Noosa Body Mechanics has built a trusted reputation for the holistic and natural treatment of conditions over many years. For many of our clients, western medical practice hasn’t provided the resolution they seek, and so they looked to natural therapies to find alternative solutions.

We’re here to support your wellbeing journey, naturally. We’ve helped clients find relief from pain they’ve been carrying for years, increase their mobility and ease of movement, get more sleep, and even prepare for pregnancy and recover postpartum.

Optimal health and wellbeing start within you. Through life, our bodies can become out of balance. Environmental factors, lifestyle, diet, lack of exercise or sleep, stress, trauma, injury among others, can create blockages in our meridian lines that impact blood and energy (or Qi) flow. In traditional Chinese medicine, it is believed that this can present as physical conditions or symptoms.

The healing journey is not always easy. But you don’t have to face this alone. Recharge your body’s natural bioelectricity with bioelectric meridian massage therapy. Feel the energy of life.

Who We Help

Bioelectric Meridian Therapy is used by people of all ages and abilities to restore optimal health and a natural preventative care option for general wellbeing

Noosa Body Mechanics WOMEN’S HEALTH

Women’s Health

Bioelectric Massage Therapy, we can support you to improve your gut function, reduce feelings of discomfort, while at the same time improving your mental health and emotional wellbeing

Children’s Health

Bioelectric Massage for Men’s Health

Men’s Health

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Movement & Mobility

Noosa Body Mechanics Bioelectric Massage for Improved Gut Health

Gut Health


Face Health

Bioelectric Meridian Massage Therapy


Bioelectric Meridian Therapy (or Bioelectric Massage) is a gentle, restorative therapy that provides incredible results, naturally. Combining the effects of massage, acupuncture, cupping and other natural modalities, it is regarded by traditional Chinese therapy masters as revolutionary in its advantages.

This non-invasive therapy recharges your body’s natural energy and clears your main meridian lines to allow significantly increased circulation and blood flow throughout your body. Bioelectric Massage is so powerful, it restores balance in your body’s natural pH level and promotes the body’s ability to self-heal.

Noosa Body Mechanics is the Sunshine Coast’s specialist in Bioelectric Meridian Massage Therapy for those seeking to improve their health, function and wellbeing – naturally.

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Professional Care

Health practitioners who operate from our clinic are recognised by their relevant industry associations. Our Bioelectric Meridian Therapy practitioners have trained with Australia’s only accredited trainer, ABMMA and recognised to practice professionally by Massage and Myotherapy Australia and the Australian Traditional Medicine Society.

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Restore Your Body’s Natural Bioelectricity at Home

Make Bioelectric Meridian Massage part of your health and wellbeing practice at home. The therapy is safe to use and easy to learn.

Once you learn the basic principles and how to use the bioelectric device safely, you can continue treatments on yourself or your family at home. For people requiring long-term treatments, this can often be a cost-effective solution.

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Happy Clients


“I came to Tracy with chronic planter fasciitis in both feet, something I had been suffering with for two and a half years. It has affected the way I walk, my balance and more, including my frustration levels. For years of wearing orthotics and closed supportive shoes you can imagine my delight when within weeks, I started to wear open sandals again. Not only have we resolved the pain in my feet, improved my walking mechanism, balance and strength but also addressed so many old injuries from whiplash, frozen shoulder and more. I find myself bouncing out of Tracy’s room with more confidence and a smile on my face each session. I am so grateful to have found Tracy and cannot thank her enough for giving me back a quality of life in just two months.”


“The reason I started to receive Bioelectric Meridian Therapy was because of a frozen shoulder. I couldn’t brush my teeth, my hair or play netball. So, I started this journey of therapy with Tracy, and now I can throw the ball with power.”
K. Grant

“Tracy gave me the confidence and reassurance that once she had worked on the right muscles, I should see a dramatic improvement in the movement of my wrist after surgery. After only a couple of Bioelectric Meridian Therapy sessions it seemed to have done its magic. I very quickly regained almost all of the function in my wrist.”


“My GP told me there was nothing that could be done for my swollen and arthritic thumb short of rest and avoiding the activities that made it worse. I then asked Tracy at Noosa Body Mechanics if her modality and hand therapy could offer some hope of improvement.

It took some time, but the swelling has now subsided significantly and I have regained a limited range of movement that has allowed me to resume playing badminton. I cannot thank Tracey enough and highly recommend Bioelectric Massage Therapy to anyone with a similar condition.”


“I have had several gut health issues that Tracy has addressed. Starting with very painful feet. Last session, I had really bad pain in my gut, serious bloating, a headache, very sore neck and aching left thumb. I had overeaten and had food that can be problematic for me – soft cheese, potatoes, creamy dips, wine, dairy on top of some emotional tensions.

Tracy used BMT to work on my abdominal area and I felt the pain and bloating melt away. The pain that radiates into my thumb gradually cleared and the tightness in my neck dissolved during the treatment. I felt amazingly clear and clean after the session. It has motivated me to have this as my goal to do what it takes to feel this good.”


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