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Are you an experienced health professional seeking to expand your existing practice? Are you seeking a new path to wellness, for you and your clients? Perhaps you are looking to enter the wellness space?

ABMMA is Australia’s leading and only accredited training academy in Bioelectric Meridian Therapy – and sister company to Noosa Body Mechanics.


Easy to Learn and easy on your body.


The Academy of Bioelectric Meridian Massage Australia offers easy to learn, industry recognised courses for beginners and experienced natural health practitioners. You could become a Bioelectric Meridian Therapist in just one weekend.

Our courses are designed by health practitioners for health practitioners. BMT offers an exciting, innovative practice for soft tissue workers to expand their skills and services, look after their bodies and prolong their careers.

Health practitioners all over the world are enhancing their clinical practice with the additional benefits of modern electrotherapy. Bioelectric Meridian Therapy is a complementary therapy used by soft tissue workers as part of an integrated holistic health plan, including massage therapists, physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, among others.

With BMT, we let the energy do the work. You’ll personally feel the benefits of the therapy and love reducing the physical strain on your body. For your clients, they will experience a positive difference in only a few sessions.


Ready to unlock the benefits of BMT?


Take a holistic approach to your wellbeing practice and unlock the benefits of natural bioelectricity, for you and your clients.

Join the health revolution. Learn Bioelectric Meridian Therapy, with ABMMA.

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