About Noosa Body Mechanics

Noosa Body Mechanics is your bioelectric massage and holistic health specialist in Noosa. Your health and wellbeing are our priority. Over many years, we’ve built a trusted reputation for the holistic and natural treatment of a variety of conditions, where western medical practice hasn’t provided a resolution.

Prevention is better than cure

We believe preventative care is always better than cure. Bioelectric massage and meridian therapy is an effective treatment for preventing disharmony and imbalances in the body that can often lead to disease and illness.

We are all unique and need individual support that caters to our specific needs. That is why we treat each of our clients with the utmost care and tailor our treatment plans to you. When you come to us with your symptoms, we’ll help you understand the underlying imbalances that’s caused you to feel the way you do, so that your symptoms no longer continue to bother you.

You don’t have to face your health journey alone. Recharge your body’s natural bioelectricity with Bioelectric Massage and Meridian Therapy and feel the energy of life.

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What is Bioelectric Massage?


Bioelectric Meridian Therapy (or Bioelectric Massage) is a gentle, restorative therapy that provides incredible results, naturally. Combining the effects of massage, acupuncture, cupping and other natural modalities, it is regarded by traditional Chinese therapy masters as revolutionary in its advantages. This non-invasive therapy recharges your body’s natural energy and clears your main meridian lines to allow significantly increased circulation and blood flow throughout your body. Bioelectric Massage is so powerful that it creates a detoxing effect – restoring balance in your body’s natural pH level and promoting the body’s ability to self-heal.

Bioelectric Massage is a non-invasive therapy. Through the therapist’s hands and gentle touch, a low electrical current is transferred into your body from the bioelectric device. Using our unique 3 in 1 combination of high-alkaline cream and essential oils together with the electrical current and therapist’s touch, we’re able to recharge your body’s natural bioelectricity and gradually restore optimal health from the muscular level to your individual nerves, cells and organs.

Meet Our Team


We genuinely care about your health and wellbeing. We’re here to support you so you can enjoy life, pain free. Our team of health practitioners are recognised by their relevant industry associations, so you can be confident you’ll receive professional care from us every step of the way.

Tracy Taulier


By nature, Tracy is a curious person and enjoys helping people find relief from pain or mobility dysfunction and assisting them in taking back control of their life. Tracy began her natural health career as a Pilates Instructor and Rehabilitation Practitioner where she discovered her passion for helping clients with physical ailments. Tracy continued adding to her knowledge by learning multiple natural therapies, allowing her to blend modalities to the unique needs of her clients.

In 2017, Tracy discovered the personal benefits of Bioelectric Meridian Therapy and began integrating the treatment on her clients with terrific results. In 2018, she founded the Academy of Bioelectric Meridian Massage Australia and is now regarded as Australia’s leader in Bioelectric Meridian Therapy and Training. Tracy is on a mission to help every Australians live a quality life, free from pain and disease. At Noosa Body Mechanics, Tracy enjoys seeing the positive effects BMT has on her clients and empowering them to improve their health and wellbeing outside of the clinic.

Tracy Taulier is Australia’s leading Bioelectric Meridian Massage

Jade Leiman


Jade has witnessed first-hand the multiple benefits of Bioelectric Meridian Therapy in assisting the body’s natural healing capabilities. She has treated her own daughter for eczema and regularly self-treats to aid in her thyroid and fatigue management. She believes this new modality is a wonderful tool to use in conjunction with natural therapies. 

Jade has a clear passion for natural health and wellness and is a graduate of our Noosa Body Mechanics’ student clinic. After completing Level 1 training through the Academy of Bioelectric Meridian Massage Australia, Jade has been treating her friends and family and is now offering relaxation Bioelectric Meridian Therapy treatments to our clients. 

Jade consistently receives positive feedback from our clients and is looking forward to furthering her BMT skills and training. Jade’s special interest areas are women’s health, postnatal care and children’s health. Jade loves food and nutrition, and you will always find her in the kitchen creating something healthy and delicious.

Noosa Body Mechanics Staff Profile of Jade

Karin Steinzova


Karin has joined the Noosa Body Mechanics team after completing her Level 1 training in Bioelectric Meridian Therapy and qualified through our student clinic. Karin’s passion in holistic health and wellness has developed over many years.

After discovering the power of BMT, she began treating her family and frequently using the BMT device for self-treatment therapy. Experiencing amazing results for herself, Karin decided to take her interest in BMT to a professional level and now supports our clients at the clinic.

Karin is passionate about helping to improve clients’ wellbeing and believes health prevention plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Everybody benefits from being nurtured, relaxed and realigned. Receiving BMT regularly, together with a healthy diet and active lifestyle, contributes to significantly reducing stress and preventing illness. Karin has two small children, loves nurturing her family, good food, cinema and the outdoors. She finds her happy place in the ocean, surfing.

Noosa Body Mechanics Staff Profile of Karin

Our Bioelectric Meridian Therapy practitioners have trained with Australia’s only accredited trainer, the Academy of Bioelectric Meridian Massage Australia and are recognised to practice professionally by Massage and Myotherapy Australia and the Australian Traditional Medicine Society.

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